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Haskell:IoT - The Haskell Next Generation IOT Architecture

Our portable, compact, standards compliant IoT platform allows you to deploy captive, secure IoT systems, where your data never leaves your control, while giving you the flexibility to host your application in a data centre or Cloud service of your choice.

Our platform is portable across CPU families, and configurable across embedded systems to server class deployments.

Processor Agnostic

Choose a IoT Sensor of your choice, chances are that we already support it. Our processor architecture agnostic design allows us to rapidly port to a new sensor device.


From low power edge devices to server class, our end-to-end architecture ensures compatibility and security across nodes.


millions of edge devices -> nodes -> servers - our architecture is easily scalable allowing a captive solution or a cloud-based solution to be deployed.

Consulting Services

We work with our customers to size, architecture, deploy their application using our platform, making it easier for you to focus on your business.


We work on diverse domains including telecom, robotics, and embedded systems. We are looking for highly motivated, flexible, self-driven people capable of operating independently

With Elixir and Phoenix as major components of our new platform, we are looking for functional programmers in Bangalore, India.

Elixir Programmers

Experience: 3-5 years experience in one or more of Phoenix, Elixir, Erlang/OTP

Location: Bangalore

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Functional Programmers

Experience: 3-5 years experienced in any FP Language, or C, Python, Ruby on Rails and willing to learn FP

Location: Bangalore

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Want to be part of the functional paradigm?

if you are a fresher or with 1-2 years and willing to learn FP, please apply

Location: Bangalore

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Haskell Communications Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2008 by Sridevi Narayan and B M Narayana.

Our Projects

Haskell v1

In collaboration with our German partners, we worked exclusively with Nokia to deploy their systems in different operator networks. Starting with the HLR, we have swapped HLR, written migration software and deployed the core and network management systems across the globe. Our roles have included project management, system integration, deployment, development of custom scripts and software and migration software.


Contact Us

Haskell Communications Pvt. Ltd.
A-709 Carlton Towers
1 Old Airport Road
Bangalore 560008


About Us

Haskell was started in 2008 focussing on telecom deployment. We expanded to custom software development. In our new avatar, we are now focussing on platform development


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